5 ideas for spending weekend in Haapsalu and Lääne County


1. Discover hiking trails!

Beautiful nature and fresh air – every step is a joy! Walk with family, friends or spend time with yourself. Achievable walks for all ages. We recommend Marimetsa bog or Salevere hiking trail for example. More information here: https://goo.gl/ke0u1H

2. Visit museums!

There are many different museums in Haapsalu and Lääne County. New experiences and knowledge are guaranteed!

Museums are opened:

Haapsalu Episcopal Castle Fri-Sun 11am-4pm

Railway and Communication Museum Wed-Sun 11am-4pm

Haapsalu Old Town Hall Wed-Sun 11am-5pm

Ants Laikmaa Museum Wed-Sun 11am-4pm

Ilons Wonderland Wed-Sun 11am-5pm

Aibolands Museum (Estonian Swedes Museum) Tue-Sat 11am-16pm

3. Eat in Dirhami!

Delicious tastes and sea are the reasons that brings you to Dirhami Fish Cafe. There is a wonderful view to the sea, marina and amazing sunset. All tastes are natural and prepared by one of Estonian noted chefs Joel Kannimäe.  

4. Go skiing!

The ground is covered with fresh snow and it’s perfect time to go skiiing! Palivere ski tracks are in great condition and invites you to have a wonderful experience.

More information about ski tracks condition from Haapsalu Tourist Information Centre: info[A]visithaapsalu.com+372 473 3248

5. Enjoy Spa!

Spa Hotel Laine and Fra Mare Thalasso Spa are offering different opportunities for relaxation. Rest in water and sauna centre, enjoy treatments and take a break!

More information:

Fra Mare Thalasso Spa: http://framare.ee/en/

Spa Hotel Laine: http://laine.ee/


Have a wonderful weekend!

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