Lääne County Bicycle Path

Lääne County Bicycle Path is 60 km long Riisipere-Haapsalu-Rohuküla pedestrian and cyclist route built on old railroad causeway. The railroad was first built  to transport the tsarist family to Haapsalu health resort and is now driveable again – unfortunately not with a train but with a bike.

Travelling on the former railroad is an exciting experience. Although, there’s no tracks , but all the rail-specific milestones create a feeling of being on a railway. So, you probably discover yourself watching occasionally over your shoulder to see if there’s really no train coming!

The greatest attraction of the cycling trail is in Risti, where next to the abandoned railway station stands the monument to the deported people from Lääne County. There is also one observation tower, with a nice view of surrounding swamps and bogs, next to the trail.

Cycle route travel guide ENG/GER (PDF- 23 MB)

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